Maximum power: 1500W
Temperature range :200-600  °C
Tin capacity: 11kg
Oushape size: 460 × 245 × 125MM
Tin pan size: 200×150×45MM

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The tin melting furnace is using a smart-chip micro-computer control, digital display and has a clear visual accuracy.
It’s equipped with highly active heating element which can melting lead-free tin quickly, it just takes 10 minutes to make the temperature from room temperature to 250 degrees. The temperature will be compensated during the process of working and get back to the set temperature quickly.

Lead-free melting furnace adopt pure titanium, and it can resist high temperature, corrosion, abrasion.
It has a function with automatic fault identification to enhance the safety of machinery and it has a set of data lock function to prevent the misoperation.
Warranty 1 year.

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